While three Ukrainian soldiers were injured in action on Thursday, April 11, Joint Forces not only continued to repulse enemy attacks, but also gained ground in the warzone.

One of the JF units advanced, securing a large piece of the "gray zone" territory.

Soldiers say the terrain in the area gives the unit a certain advantage over the enemy due to the elevation, reports TSN.

It was with the arrival of spring and not-so-cold nights that the Ukrainian troops fighting near the militant stronghold of Donetsk decided to move the front line a bit and made a successful advance.

"We've secured the height. We're higher than the enemy now," one of the soldiers told TSN.

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But getting to new positions is not an easy task. After all, the path is in the Russian proxies' sights. Ukrainian defenders use bunkers in the newly taken buildings where they sleep and eat, while their commanders say the bunker ceilings and walls are able to withstand even a 120mm shell hit.

Militants have already realized that Ukrainian troops had advanced. At the same time, Russian proxies are not yet ready for action.

"Very often, drones hover over us, trying to spot our position, but we stay inside, not showing where we are," says a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.