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Ex-Commander of Ukraine's Joint Forces Serhiy Nayev has said the main achievements over the past year were a significant increase in combat capability and an improvement in commanders' skills to adequately respond to enemy threats.

According to him, tactical and operational level commanders learned to make well-informed decisions and clearly respond to the invaders' moves, TSN reports.

"I have always set the task before commanders and demanded that they be able to fight using quality rather than numbers. We'd been using all necessary means provided by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine, which gave us relevant intelligence, electronic warfare, which made impossible the influence of hostile means, as well as an integrated approach to all other means, including fire destruction," Nayev said.

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"In addition, I thoroughly studied each case where we suffered losses to take into account all possible mistakes and not to repeat them in the future. Soldiers of the Joint Forces learned to effectively use new Ukrainian weapons – these were both anti-tank missile systems and counter-sniper weapons. Altogether, this made it clear to the enemy that our warriors are highly trained and skilled," Nayev said.

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Speaking of the humanitarian component, Nayev noted that in working with the local population, "we studied the demands of the population living at the contact line and provided the assistance required, especially to medical institutions."

Nayev also said he did everything to prevent illegal goods trafficking across the contact cline.