Lithuania: Third of Russian diplomats in country linked to secret services

10:50, 31 March 2015
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The Lithuanian authorities believe one-third of the Russian diplomats working in the country are spies, and fear that the Kremlin could test the readiness of NATO’s collective defense using unconventional tactics, according to the annual report of the Department of State Security of Lithuania, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported on Monday.


"A third of the Russian diplomats who are working in Lithuania are members of Russian intelligence or are associated with [Russia’s] security services," the report reads.

The country's intelligence agency also said that last year three Russian spies were deported.

According to the Lithuanian authorities, Moscow is becoming more and more interested in the military infrastructure of NATO member states.

In another report, Lithuanian military intelligence warned of the dangers of Russia using so-called “hybrid war” techniques to probe the readiness of NATO's collective defense.

"We do not rule out that Russia may resort to such actions in respect of one of the members of the alliance, hoping that NATO will not be able to respond in a timely manner," the document says.

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