Photo from UNIAN

Observers with the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission say they lost an unmanned aerial vehicle in the Donbas warzone after spotting "small-arms fire assessed as directed at" the UAV near Obozne, the settlement occupied by Russia-controlled forces.

"While conducting a mini-UAV flight on the northern edge of Obozne (non-government-controlled, 18km north of Luhansk), the SMM heard three bursts of small-arms fire about 3km north, assessed as aimed at the UAV, which was flying about 3km north of its position. The SMM lost control of the UAV and was unable to recover it," reads the OSCE SMM spot report published on the organization's website.

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In other episodes, the observers reported that while positioned near Talakivka and Hnutove, shots were fired presumably targeting their mini-UAV. The team managed to safely land the UAV before leaving the areas.