23 August 2017
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General Staff: Militants did not use white phosphorus near Donetsk

Reports of the use of white phosphorus munitions by Russian-backed militants near Donetsk airport are false, Acting Speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Mazepa said on Monday.


He said the Krym (Crimea) Battalion, which earlier circulated reports of the use of such weapons, was not in the region of Donetsk airport.

"White phosphorus [attacks] on our positions were not seen, and only conventional weapons were used,” Mazepa said.

“As for the information that was spread by the Krym Battalion: At the moment in the region of Donetsk airport there are only army units, and the Krym battalion is not there – this is another fake, which aims to change the picture on the front lines."

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