The hit was captured in pictures / Photo from Mysyagin

Ukrainian volunteer and newly elected Member of Parliament Yuriy Mysyagin has shared photos of a destructive strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a position of Russia-led forces near the occupied town of Horlivka, Donetsk region.

"A combat group of an infantry battalion of the 53rd brigade secretly advanced forward amid escalation near the Russia-occupied town of Horlivka in Ukraine's Donetsk region as Ukrainian positions were being shelled," Mysyagin said on Facebook on September 10. "They chose an enemy position and destroyed a post set up by Russia-backed terrorists on the very top of a gob pile."

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One launch from an anti-tank guided missile system was enough, he said.

Mysyagin illustrated his post with pictures of the successful operation.

"These photos show how it all happened: 1. The red dot at the bottom left is the tail of that very 'birdie' released to fly towards the target. 2. The 'birdie' is already approaching. 3. The entire post no longer exists. It has been blown to smithereens," he added.

The exact date of the operation has not been disclosed.

The missile approaches the target / Photo from Mysyagin
The missile before the strike / Photo from Mysyagin
The explosion of the enemy post / Photo from Mysyagin