According to the report, in Donetsk region, the militants fired mortar and tank shells, 122mm self-propelled artillery rounds, anti-aircraft guns, automatic grenade launchers and small arms seven times on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces near the village of Shyrokyne.

"In addition, the militants fired mortars, automatic grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces near the villages of Opytne, Pisky, Maiorsk, Leninske, Avdiivka, Kirove, and Marinka. In total, the militants fired 19 times on our positions in these areas," the report says.

As reported, the Ukrainian armed forces returned fire with 82mm mortars and small arms.

According to the press center, in Luhansk region, the militants fired automatic grenade launchers on Ukrainian positions near the village of Shastya. However, there was no shelling of residential areas.

"At the same time, the Ukrainian army recorded eight reconnaissance overflights by enemy drones in the Donbas conflict zone," the report reads.

As earlier reported, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande held talks in Minsk on February 12 and agreed on a ceasefire to be effective from 0001, February 15, as well as the withdrawal of all heavy weapons. The agreements also provide for the release and exchange of all prisoners of war and civil hostages.

But the ceasefire has never fully come into force, and the militants have continued to attack the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces throughout the territory of Donbas, Ukraine's military says.

Most of the violations have been recorded in strategic areas in the north-eastern outskirts of Donetsk, near the airport, and in the village of Shyrokyne, a key area Ukraine must hold to block a militant offensive on Mariupol.

The militants have said several times they intend to capture the city of Mariupol, and expand the area they control to include the whole of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.