"The situation was tense. The militants fired twice on the village of Chermalyk and the town of Shastya. At 1800 near the town of Avdiivka the militants again fired Grad multiple rocket launchers on the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces," the report says.

Near the village of Chermalyk, the militants fired antitank grenade launchers and 82mm mortars on the Ukrainian army from the left bank of the Kalmius River. A few shots hit a residential area in the village of Chermalyk. As a result of the attack, one local resident was killed in the courtyard of his house.

From 1830 to 2000, the militants fired 120mm mortars, an automatic grenade launcher and a sniper rifle at the Luhansk thermal power plant in the town of Shastya.

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"In the Donetsk area, Russian-backed militants fired 120mm mortars on the positions of the Ukrainian troops near the town of Avdiivka and Artemove, the villages of Opytne, Leninske, Pisky and Chermalyk. Near the town of Artemove the militants fired tanks several times at our fortified positions," the report reads.

In the area of Luhansk, the militants fired mortars, automatic grenade launchers and small arms at the town of Shastya and the village of Krymske.

"During this period, the Ukrainian army recorded 15 reconnaissance overflights by enemy drones in Luhansk and Donetsk regions," the ATO headquarters said.