Russia is far ahead of Ukraine in supplying hi-end weapons to its army, says military expert Serhiy Zgurets.

"In recent years, Russia has been rapidly updating their arsenal of conventional weapons," Zgurets wrote for Censor.net.

"At the beginning of 2019, the general share of modern equipment and arms in the Russian armed forces rose to 61% (48.3% in ground forces), 74% in aerospace forces, 62.3% in the navy, and 63.7% in the airborne forces)," the report reads.

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At the same time, the figure does not exceed 10% for the Ukrainian forces, the expert admits.

The base is formed with the pieces produced in 1970s-1980s, Zgurets wrote.

At the same time, the expert emphasizes that the General Staff of the Armed Forces works toward enhancing combat effectiveness and mobility of Ukrainian Army units by increasing the variety of Soviet-made weapons and military equipment to cover the shortage of arsenals.

Earlier, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Serhiy Kryvonos told what kind of weapons Ukraine was producing independently.