Mines detonate once someone trips over one of the four thin nylon wires, up to 10 m long / Photo from UNIAN

Russian occupation forces in eastern Ukraine's Donbas have been launching remotely delivered mines (RDGs) near the settlements of Zolote-5 and Orikhove, the Joint Forces Operation HQ reports.

"Russian armed groups are remotely delivering mines to the areas close to the positions of the Joint Forces between the settlements of Orikhove and Zolote-5," said the report, referring to data provided by the Ukrainian delegates to the Joint Ceasefire Control and Coordination Center.

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The Ukrainian side to the JCCC says the enemy employs POM-2 anti-personnel mines with a self-destruction period of four to 100 hours (an average of 23-24 hours).

It is noted that there are modifications of mines without self-destruction mode.

The enemy uses RPG-7 grenade launchers to launch modernized PG-7 RDGs.

"The kill zone is up to 16 meters. A mine detonates once someone trips over one of the four thin nylon wires, each 10 meters long," the report says.