UT Exclusive: Russian citizen fights with Ukraine's Right Sector battalion (Video)

17:36, 02 June 2015
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Ukraine Today talks with a Russian member of the controversial Ukrainian nationalist Right Sector battalion, formed of participants in Ukraine's Euromaidan protests, and which today contributes significantly to the fight against Russia-backed militants in the Donbas near the strategic port city of Mariupol. 

Known by his nom de guerre as “Luke”, the Russian says he wants to fight alongside Ukrainian forces, motivated with his will to counter the regime of Vladimir Putin, which he calls dictatorial and criminal, Ukraine Today reports. 

One of several foreign fighters in the paramilitary group, “Luke” stresses that in his particular case he can hardly communicate with his family, fearing for their safety as the Russian FSB security service puts pressure on his relatives.

Despite Russian propaganda depicting the Right Sector as a fascist, neo-Nazi organization, “Luke” urges the public to abstain from believing the Kremlin-controlled media and instead understand the group’s will to protect the country’s values.

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