On Tuesday, February 4, Russian occupation troops carried out a provocative shelling of the Ukrainian military and then immediately opened fire on the Petrivskiy residential district of the occupied Donetsk, located close to their own positions.

Russian occupation authorities keep trying to discredit Ukrainian defenders, staging fake news stories for media, according to the press service of Ukraine's Joint Forces Operation Staff.

"On February 4, several Russian media outlets operating in the temporarily occupied territory span reports claiming the Joint Forces had allegedly shelled the Petrivskiy district of Donetsk, damaging several households. SPG grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, and small arms were employed, said propaganda resources," the JFO's press service said.

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"In fact, from 07:00 to 07:25 on February 4, Russian invaders themselves carried out a provocative shelling of Ukrainian defenders and, without waiting for a response, opened fire on the residential area not far from their own positions, drawing a 'picture' for the media invited," reads the report.

The Ukrainian military claims that with a detailed study of the terrain, as well as tactical and technical characteristics of weapons available, the location of Ukrainian positions and those of Russian occupation forces, non-involvement of the Joint Forces in damaging households in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk becomes quite obvious.

"Such accusations are unfounded and an element of misinformation campaign against Ukraine. Such actions by the Russian occupying authorities once again testify to their interest in further exacerbating the conflict and unwillingness to comply with the ceasefire and the Minsk agreements," it said.

Accusing the Joint Forces' units of aggravating the security situation, the invaders are trying to conceal their own crimes against the Ukrainian people. Joint Forces Operation HQ emphasizes that subordinate military units have never fired and will not fire at enemy targets located in residential quarters, and will never endanger civilian population.