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Ukraine, using OSCE channels, has turned to the Russian Federation with a proposal to ensure a full ceasefire in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, because of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

"The Ukrainian side, represented by Leonid Kuchma, has asked the OSCE to turn to the Russian Federation to request so that an unconditional, full and comprehensive ceasefire could be ensured amid the pandemic," Member of Parliament from the Servant of the People parliamentary faction Iryna Vereschuk said, according to the Ukrainian media portal Obozrevatel.

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Security in the east of Ukraine "remains our number one task," she said.

She recalled that Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres had spoken up for ending all conflicts on the planet for the period of the pandemic.

"There were examples, like in Libya, when they have in fact ceased fire. There were agreements for a pandemic, this global threat to the life and health of the planet, to stop the fire, to let doctors have access, to ensure access to medical services regardless of which side people in Ukraine have taken," she said.

According to Vereschuk, she "has not yet seen the reaction of the Russian Federation" to the proposal of Ukraine.