Leaving the warzone: Ukraine Today reporter sees the withdrawl of troops from Shyrokyne

22:30, 31 July 2015
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With Ukrainian volunteers withdrawing from the war-torn town, Ukraine is trying to further integrate its armed forces, which have been growing in strength and number since the beginning of Donbas conflict.

Militants reseized three-quarters of Shyrokyne in the spring of 2015. In early July, insurgent fighters were ordered by their commanders to withdraw, and Ukrainian forces regained control over the area, Ukraine Today reports.

Without the volunteers, this piece of Ukrainian territory would probably have been under control of the Russian proxies. But now, they are being ordered to leave so they can be replaced by Ukrainian Marines.

Illya, Ukrainian volunteer fighter, says, "We do not want to downplay the role of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are all doing the same job and nobody is better or worse. Sure, we became soldiers voluntarily, but that doesn't discredit anyone else's service - especially the armed forces. They are working hard as well."

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