Battles still rage for control over village in Luhansk region

22:25, 12 August 2015
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Despite pseudo-ceasefire, the fighting continues in Tryokhizbenka, a settlement located in Luhansk region near Schastya, which has been besieged by combined Russian-terrorist forces for months, Ukraine Today reports.

The Ukraine Today reporters say the 92nd Brigade government troops are on their positions, armed and ready, as the groups of militants approach the area constantly.

Several days ago two Ukrainian soldiers and two Russian militants died in the fields near the village. Three soldiers from the unit encountered six militants in the field during a recon patrol and attempted to take them prisoner.

"One of our guys noticed a trip wire ... and tripped it deliberately, so he would not being taken prisoner. Two of our guys died, and two of their guys died. Unfortunately, one of our guys was taken prisoner," says one of the officers.

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