"The last day in the Donbas conflict zone was not very calm," the report says. "While it was rather quiet along the demarcation line during the day, the militants increased their activity after dark. At 21:17 Kyiv time, for almost an hour, the mercenaries were firing rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns on our fortified positions in the town of Maryinka not far from the city of Donetsk."

Four Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in the last day, according to the report.

In addition, yesterday evening and at night, the illegal armed groups continued to fire from the occupied territories, trying to drag ATO forces into a standoff.

"At about 18:00 Kyiv time, the Russian proxies started firing a grenade launcher in the direction of Ukrainian units in the village of Novotroitske not far from the Ukrainian-controlled port city of Mariupol. The grenades landed 50-60 meters from our positions," the press center said.

In the direction of Artemivsk, at 20:00 local time, the militants started firing small arms near the village of Maiorske, from the town of Horlivka. At about 22:00 and 23:00, the occupiers started firing a heavy machine gun outside the village of Luhanske.

"From midnight to 06:00 on September 28, the Kremlin-backed mercenaries were not using weapons along the demarcation line," the press center said.