"On the “DPR”-controlled side of Zaitseve (48km north-east of Donetsk) the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission conducted crater analysis near a local school building," reads the report.

It examined a fresh impact on the wall at the northern side of the building, 3.7 meters above the ground, and identified pieces of a 73mm round from a SPG-9 (Kopye) tripod-mounted recoilless gun. Some 19 meters north of the school boundary, the SMM detected another crater also caused by an SPG-9 projectile.

After assessing both munitions the SMM concluded that they “have been fired from a north-north-easterly direction.”

Read alsoOSCE says truce "extremely fragile"The SMM examined three other craters in the range between 15 and 40 meters east from the school building and assessed them to likely have been caused by 120mm mortar rounds fired from a northerly direction,” according to the report.

The SMM observed that there was a “DPR” checkpoint 100 meters north of the school, and an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) (BMP-1) parked 40m from the school buildings.

Armed individuals were also seen entering and exiting the school.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the terrorists attacked the Ukrainian positions with grenade launchers and heavy machine guns in Zaitseve and Shchastia.