“Whilst in Kominternove, the SMM heard one explosion approximately 400m south-west from its position,” reads the report.

It was also noted that the SMM “saw five armed ‘DPR’ members in military-type uniforms. At the first “DPR”-checkpoint, located at the south-western entrance of Kominternove, a female resident informed the SMM that in order to pass the Ukrainian Armed Forces checkpoint at the outskirts of the village residents first have to register in Mariupol and demonstrate that they own property in the area.

Read alsoOSCE reports Donbas militants still deny access to occupied KominternoveThe SMM also visited Vodiane (19km north-west of Mariupol, 4km south-east of Kominternove) where, as during its most recent visit, it did not observe armed persons or any civilians.

“The SMM observed a “DPR” defensive position being prepared (trenches dug) on the road between Kominternove and Vodiane,” the report says.