The OSCE recorded banned heavy weaponry amassed in the village of Ternove /

“In violation of respective withdrawal lines, on 22 January aerial surveillance imagery available to the SMM revealed the presence of 17 self-propelled howitzers (heavy weapons) at a training area near “DPR”-controlled Ternove,” reads the report.

Additionally, aerial surveillance imagery available to the SMM revealed a concentration of military hardware was observed on 22 January: 12 towed artillery pieces, 55 military-type trucks, 120 armoured vehicles, and 115 pieces of unidentified equipment at a training area near “DPR”-controlled Ternove; 53 armoured vehicles, 35 military-type trucks, and 30 pieces of unidentified equipment near Buhaivka.

Read alsoOSCE opens Forward Patrol Base in Stanytsia LuhanskaThe SMM monitored the presence of other hardware as follows: two armoured personnel carriers (APCs; BTR-80) and three infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs; BMP-2) near the government-controlled part of Zolote (60km north-west of Luhansk), two IFVs (BMP-1) and one anti-aircraft gun (ZU-23) mounted on a military-type truck on the “LPR”-controlled Vesela Hora (16km north of Luhansk), 13 military-type trucks and one multipurpose armoured vehicle (MT-LB) in “LPR”-controlled Yuvileine (10km west of Luhansk), one IFV (BMP-2) near “LPR”-controlled Pionerske (19km east of Luhansk).