A 36-year-old reservist officer born in Severodvinsk in Arkhangelsk region, Sedikov is believed to have been in command of the 7th brigade of the so-called “armed forces” of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People's Republic”, Ukraine Today reports.

Sedikov was captured after the Ukrainian troops spotted a group of three militants he was part of. One of the terrorists, allegedly named Nathan Tsakirov, was shot dead while the other two, including Sedikov, were wounded. Having been taken to the field hospital, one of the two wounded militants died.

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Apart from the concealed ammunition, the soldiers of 54th Ukrainian brigade told they noticed an enemy group of about 18 persons while they were treating the wounded Russians.

It is unclear whether Sedikov knew he was followed. Ukrainian soldiers say that, if he is telling the truth about being unaware, this means Kremlin used Sedikov and his accomplices as a live target. The journalists suppose this small group of militants were supposed to grasp the focus of the Ukrainians, while a more numerous group prepared to attack Ukraine's positions.

The captured Russian soldier said: "People do not want this war to be continued. They consider us as if we were evil. Even when 15-year-old teenagers cast a momentary glance, it becomes clear they hate us."

The seized Russian officer is set to remain imprisoned. As soon as the doctors cure his wounds, the detainee will be tried by a military court.

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