Everyone wants peace. At least, they claim they do. Russia wants peace, but on its own terms. This requires one small thing: recognizing the annexation of Crimea, welcoming in Ukraine the Russian gangsters from the occupied Donbas and agreeing the Constitution of Ukraine personally with Vladimir Putin. And of course, permanent coordination of Ukraine’s foreign policy with the Kremlin and no Euro-Atlantic integration whatsoever. Besides, the country's leadership should be appointed similar to the way it is done in the occupied territories - Crimea and Donbas.

Many officials in Europe want peace as well. In their struggle against the "American evil", they propose us to hear Donbas – that is Putin – and to stop the war. Adaptation of international law to fit these tasks is attached. Moscow would also be happy to help those in power in Europe save face. The main thing is not to think about Ukraine, remove this topic from the agenda and quietly continue doing business in the Russian market.

Many officials in Europe want peace as well also want peace in Europe. In their struggle against the "American evil", they propose us to hear Donbas – that is Putin – and to stop the war

The Orthodox believers who choose the Moscow Patriarchate also wants peace and claim they have been actively praying for it. They even took part in the religious procession in Ukraine. Moscow somehow counted as many as 100,000 participants and wondered why none of the believers who took part in the procession in Kyiv set up tents and continued to pray at the Maidan. But one conclusion was still important for the Kremlin: it is actually possible to launch a wave of thousands of protesters unhappy with the policies of the Ukrainian authorities; the main thing is to prepare better. That is, there actually are prospects for igniting an artificial "Maidan" in order to oust the "junta" and ensure the return of the "legitimate" [as they like calling themselves] authorities. By the way, several possible teams to comprise a potential occupation government in Ukraine have already been set up in Moscow from among these “legitimates”, all of whom have fled to evade being put to responsibility in Ukraine. So now, they even get to compete with each other!

Nadia Savchenko craves for peace as well – she offers to stop a “total mess called ATO without further war." To achieve her objective, she went on a hunger strike and demanded that the all-Ukrainian reconciliation and forgiveness began. From the Ukrainian president, she demands the release of prisoners held by the Russian militants in the cellars across the occupied Donbas.

This is a real parade of pacifists! There’s just one problem: all these pacifists for some weird reason fail to notice the fact that the keys to this peace are kept not in Kyiv but in the capital of Russia, which for already two years has been waging war against Ukraine. And the purpose of this war – both on the internal and the external fronts – is to leave Ukraine with no authorities whatsoever. After all, as soon as the vast lands of Ukraine are turned into some uncontrolled space, the “little green men” from the Russian army will immediately be deployed to reinstate "constitutional order".

Yes, everyone is really tired of war. But Moscow intends to play a long game, trying to put Ukraine into submission

Everyone is tired of war. Those who want to return to Ukraine on a beautiful white horse, those who send their lobbyists to Kyiv (sometimes, some very highly paid ones) and those who make use of useful idiots seek to take advantage of this weariness. Yes, everyone is really tired of war. But Moscow intends to play a long game, trying to put Ukraine into submission. And there is no simple way out of this situation.

The choice is not that rich: either the Ukrainians give up or they continue to fight for their country. Cutting off Donbas, abandoning Crimea – this is not the solution. As soon as Ukraine gives up the slack, the "Russian world," senseless and merciless, will once again start crawling onto the other "promising" territories.

There is no way to make deals with the “Russian world”.

Roman Tsymbaliuk, Moscow