Photo from UNIAN

Over 700 Russian battle tanks, 1250 artillery systems, 1000 armored carriers and 300 multiple launch rocket units are still pounding occupied zone of Donbass, according to Ukrainian secret services, says the article, according to Ukraine Today.

Bloodshed in Donbass will go on as the Russian leader wishes it to be so, the Ukrainian president constitutes.

"Despite this evidence, the Kremlin feels free to deny its involvement in the war, the way it had happened in Crimea before. Such a huge military potential would be impossible without Russia. It came to my country without an invitation and aiming nothing but to intimidate and kill. 

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That's why we need both of them, as well as sanctions until sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine are reestablished. Keep Russia at negotiations table and don't let more human losses happen", Poroshenko writes.

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