UAVs captured on photo a reinforced battalion tactical group of the Russian occupation forces. Several models of the spotted military equipment clearly point to their Russian origin, InformNapalm reports.

The photo demonstrates 20 T-64BV and T-72B main battle tanks (MBTs) of earlier modifications (essential armament is a 125 mm canon), 25 BMP-1 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), 4 2S1 Gvozdika 122mm self-propelled howitzers (essential armament is a 122 mm canon), 5 BTR-80 armored personnel carriers (APCs), one 9K35 Strela-10 surface-to-air missile system (SAM) mounted on an armored vehicle and other types of equipment.

Another image also shows Russian truck mounted wound dressing room (AP-2) that earlier appeared in OSINT investigation of InformNapalm when it was spotted 3 km from the industrial zone of Avdiivka in August 2016. However, the biggest surprise came when we saw two UR-77 Meteorite mine clearing vehicles that remain exclusively in service of the Russian Army. Besides mine clearing, UR-77 is also used to defeat manpower in the fortified building ruins. This additional use of the equipment was documented in the Second Chechen campaign and during the assault of Donetsk Airport by Russian forces in Donbas. UR-77 were also used during the assaults of fortified positions in Jobar District of Damascus (Syria).