Photo from UNIAN

"On a Bakhmut highway in Novotoshkivsk district, which is in the direction of Luhansk, a crime was committed - a soldier killed his sergeant. In an attempt to avoid responsibility, he disappeared from their position in an infantry fighting vehicle and tried to cross the front line, in order to hide in the occupied territory. However, almost immediately, the killer got in an accident and continued to walk, having taken a machine gun. This grave crime falls under several articles of the Criminal Code, and it is being investigated by the military prosecutor's office. No other details are available at the moment," said Lysenko.

As UNIAN reported earlier today, the ATO HQ said that a Ukrainian soldier serving in Donbas had committed a serious crime and fled to the militant-held territory.

Read alsoATO HQ: Ukrainian soldier joins Donbas militants to shun punishment for crimeIn turn, a Ukrainian volunteer Roman Donik wrote on Facebook that a Ukrainian soldier-defector had killed his platoon commander and fled to the militants.

"As for the defector from the 93rd [Brigade]. Most probably, that was the reason he initially joined the armed forces. This is purely a flaw of our counterintel. He came through a Krasnoarmiyskiy recruitment office. He is Odesa-born, of Russian nationality," he wrote.

According to Donik, the traitor "waited for his fellow soldiers to leave on business, wounded the platoon commander from an automatic gun and then finished off with a knife".

According to the volunteer, the man later "collected guns and grenade launchers and tried to drive an IFV to the other side". At the same time, the Ukrainian military responded, using mortars, and they were able to regain the IFV. "The separatist escaped to the other side," said Donik.