The system is able to automatically recognize and track targets and one of the elements of the creation of robotic remote weapon stations. Thanks to the system,  BMP-1UMD Myslyvets can be used not only as a means of transportation and fire support of the units, but also as an autonomous remotely controlled combat unit.

Read alsoUkraine-made BTR-4 Bucephalus APC undergoes amphibious testingIn addition, Myslyvets IFV is equipped with a German engine, hi-end weapon system with gun-missile arms and a visibility reduction system.

Read alsoUkraine presents new attack copter Mi-24PU1 (video)Despite icy rain, BMP-1UMD Myslyvets went through a series of test routine involving firing at a military range in Kyiv region. The tests were attended by leaders of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, and the Armed Forces, according to the statement.

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