The Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) immediately made a request for the introduction of the ceasefire. But the enemy attempted to make a significant turning movement of the Ukrainian fortified positions near the village of Luhanske in order to oust the advanced units of the ATO forces from their positions and change the contact line.

"The Ukrainian fighters took the fight, during which they seized the initiative, flung back the enemy and carried out a counterattack against the flank of the militants. The enemy was forced to retreat, leaving its military equipment and Russian-made outfit," the headquarters said.

Read alsoNumber of Ukraine WIA's grows to 26 as Svitlodarska Duha shelling continues – mediaAccording to intelligence reports, enemy losses amounted to at least 25 people dead and 30 wounded.

In addition, over the past day, the occupiers have repeatedly opened fire from 122mm artillery systems and 120mm mortars on the Ukrainian positions at the Svitlodarska Duha and the nearby settlements, resulting in civilian infrastructure and power lines were damaged. The town of Svitlodarsk and surrounding villages were left without electricity. Late at night, three artillery shells exploded near a school in Luhanske.

As UNIAN reported earlier, five Ukrainian soldiers were killed in action (KIA) and six were wounded in action (WIA) during an attack on Sunday, December 18, by combined Russian-separatist forces on Ukrainian positions along the Svitlodarska Duha.