Photo from UNIAN

It is noted that maintenance crews are prepared for immediate deployment to repair the systems of electricity and gas supply to Avdiyivka.

"After the president utilized all the elements of international pressure on Russia, we can see the first signs of a ceasefire. According to the General Staff, the ceasefire is being observed only in the Yasynuvata direction from Avdiyivka, while the Russian-backed militants continue firing on the industrial zone," the report says.

Read alsoCouncil of Europe: Intense fighting around Avdiyivka puts civilians at great riskAccording to Zhebrivskiy, the central city hospital of Avdiyivka has been provided with the means of the autonomous power supply and is now operating in its regular mode.

Some 11 warming centers for civilians have already been set up in Avdiyivka. On behalf of the president of Ukraine, the military also provided tents and field kitchens to citizens. The residents are provided with hot meals.

"The Donetsk Military and Civil Administration is working out the issue of a voluntary evacuation of residents, especially children and people with disabilities. Special buses have been prepared to this end. Those wishing to leave should contact the town council," Tsegolko said.