Photo from UNIAN

"Someone is trying to call it a frozen conflict. I emphasize: It is not frozen. It is hot Russian aggression against my country," Poroshenko said in an interview with Sky News, the press service reported.

Since the beginning of 2017, Ukraine has lost 69 servicemen and over 420 have been wounded, he said "Is it a frozen conflict? It is a true hot war. It is real aggression," the president said. According to him, there are over 700 Russian tanks, over 1,250 artillery systems and over 300 multiple rocket launchers in the occupied Ukrainian territory.

Poroshenko noted that pressure on Russia must be maintained to stop killings of Ukrainians.

Read alsoTurchynov on ATO troops' task: Moving east, main thing not to leave own border behindThe president once again stressed the importance of global solidarity with Ukraine. "Sanctions is the only mechanism to keep Putin at the table of negotiations. Putin pays a high price due to the sanctions," he said.

The Ukrainian president thanked the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and Australia for the support of Ukraine.

According to Poroshenko, Russia wages a "hybrid war" against other countries that includes the elements of cyber attacks, funding of populists and anti-government movements aimed to destabilize the internal situation. "Russia doesn't want a strong and united Europe. Russia doesn't want a strong and united Great Britain. It wants dissociation and provocation of conflicts. I am glad that these plans of Russia are not too efficient," Poroshenko added.