"So I have one announcement at the top, and you've probably followed some of the news coming out of Ukraine recently. The United States says it wants to condemn the latest violence in eastern Ukraine. The last 24 hours were considered the deadliest one-day period in 2017," she said at a press briefing on July 20.

"In this time period, eight Ukrainian soldiers have now been killed, including five deaths in an attack which appears to have been initiated by Russian-led forces. We call again on Russia and the forces that it arms, trains, and leads in the east to immediately observe the ceasefire," she said.

To comply with the Minsk agreements, those forces must withdraw all heavy weapons, disengage from the line of contact, and allow full, safe, and unfettered access to the OSCE monitors to the international border, she added.

Read alsoUkraine reports 5 KIA's, 8 WIA's amid 29 attacks in Donbas in past 24 hoursAs UNIAN reported earlier, on July 19, four troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed in action. One defender was shot by an enemy sniper, another three soldiers were blown up in a booby-trap explosion. Three military servicemen were wounded in action.

On July 20, 2017, as the enemy intensified its combat activity, including massive shelling of Ukrainian army positions, five Ukrainian servicemen were killed, eight were wounded, and one was taken prisoner.