Photo from UNIAN

"On August 28, an organized bus convoy with approximately 450 children was observed at Donetsk BCP. The children were traveling to Ukraine from a Russian summer camp. Another bus convoy with approximately 250 children traveled the next day from Ukraine to the Russian Federation," the OSCE SMM said in a weekly update based on information as of August 29, 2017.

Read alsoOSCE records fewer ceasefire violations in DonbasIt is also reported that "on August 25, at 10:40 an ambulance with Russian Federation licence plates went towards Ukraine through Donetsk BCP, and came back at 10:55, with a crew of three persons. The OT [observer team] was not able to see if someone was being transported."

"During the reporting period, the number of persons in military-style outfits crossing the border in both directions was 99 this week at both BCPs compared to 47 last week; 46 of them crossed into the Russian Federation, 53 into Ukraine," the OSCE added.

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