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"The illegal armed formations did not use mortars and other heavy weapons, and the main activity of the enemy was recorded in several areas of the ATO zone," the report says.

Read alsoEscalation in Donbas: Ukraine reports 5 WIA's amid 35 militant attacks in last dayMost of the shelling of the Ukrainian positions was recorded in the Mariupol sector from midnight, in particular near the village of Vodiane, where the militants used grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms six times. In addition, the Ukrainian fortified positions near the villages of Talakivka and Starohnativka came under fire from heavy machine guns and small arms twice.

The same type of weapon was used several times against ATO forces in the Avdiyivka industrial zone and near the village of Zaitseve, which are in the Donetsk sector.

"In cases of direct threat, our military fired back several times," the ATO HQ said.