Tymchuk has told Apostrophe that Putin's version of the scenario for the introduction of a peacekeeping mission [only along the line of contact, aimed exclusively to protect OSCE monitors] is absolutely unacceptable since it will have no effect on de-escalation.

"First, the OSCE mission has no mandate or task to intervene, while peacekeeping missions are precisely aimed at it. Their [OSCE’s] only function is monitoring and observation. They cannot force [the parties] to comply with Minsk agreements, force militants to withdraw weapons. The OSCE mission is out there simply to observe, record, and report," Tymchuk said.

Read alsoKlimkin speaks of Russia's manipulation, names main threats to global securityIn addition, with his offer, Putin is introducing some type of know-how to peacekeeping operations. However, from the perspective of Ukraine and its European allies, as well as in terms of international law and the UN concept of peacekeeping operations, Moscow is offering blatant nonsense, according to the deputy.

"Indeed, they came up with a super plan, how to level a peacekeeping operation, but this plan is like a sore thumb," the MP said.

Tymchuk went on to say that Moscow is ready to the fact that once it is forced to make concessions or there is another version of the peacekeeping operation implemented, the Kremlin will go for a plan B.

Read alsoRussia changes position on UN mission in Donbas, again"They are set to follow the path they used in 2014 when staging public civil disobedience rallies. While back in 2014, Putin had to employ busloads of 'titushki' (thugs for hire) presenting to the media “crowds of locals” during the seizure of local government buildings, now it's much easier to arrange. Today the militants from "DPR" and "LPR" and others will simply stage a huge protest in order to block UN peacekeepers," Tymchuk explained.

That is, the Kremlin has come up with such an alternative option, so that initially, when peacekeepers are deployed in line with the plan that contradicts the one proposed by Moscow, Russia could immediately disrupt a peacekeeping operation. According to Tymchuk, this will be done by Putin’s well-known method, that’s when the militants hide behind the backs of women and children.

Read alsoKremlin furious over draft UN Resolution calling Russia "aggressor state""I am absolutely positive that this is what Putin was trying to convey to Zakharchenko," Tymchuk summed up.

Russia's propaganda media reported earlier that Zakharchenko arrived in the Kremlin, allegedly to visit a concert by Russian singer and vocal “DPR” supporter Joseph Kobzon.

However, Russian organizer of an anti-war movement Olga Kurnosova suggested that visiting the gig was just a cover, and that the Kremlin had summoned the terrorist leader because of Moscow’s concerns over the possible introduction of peacekeepers in Donbas.