Photo from UNIAN

"Beyond the withdrawal lines but outside designated storage sites, in non‑government‑controlled areas, the SMM saw 45-50 tanks (T-72) parked in a fenced-in abandoned industrial compound south-west of Manuilivka (65km east of Donetsk)," the mission said in an update on October 31 based on information as of 19:30 on October 30.

Read alsoOSCE confirms six civilians injured in Donbas war in past weekThe SMM also said its monitors had revisited a "DPR" permanent storage site, whose location was beyond the respective withdrawal lines, and saw that eight tanks (three T-64 and five T-72) were again missing.

OSCE monitors also reported they had spotted 10 Ukrainian tanks outside the Russia-occupied city of Luhansk.

"In violation of the respective withdrawal lines, in government-controlled areas, the SMM saw ten tanks (T-64) being transported in a south-westerly direction on flat-bed trucks near Teple (31km north of Luhansk)," it said in the update.