"We have taken total control of Verkhniotoretske. The village is completely under our control, no gray areas there," he said.

His data are confirmed by sources in the front-line zone.

"The military changed the configuration of the contact line in the gray zone so that their positions now closely approached the positions of the hybrid Russian army. All maneuvers were made without violating Minsk agreements," the source said.

Read alsoMortar shellings and UAVs: Donbas militants violate ceasefire 18 times in last dayAt the same time, the ATO headquarters neither confirms nor denies the reports. It is said that the Ukrainian army has "improved tactical positions" in the Donetsk sector.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine strictly adhere to the Minsk agreements, according to which they can strengthen or re-equip their positions, relocate within the territories defined by these agreements. Separate subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk sector have improved tactical positions to ensure better conditions for monitoring the enemy and conducting defensive fire in response to provocative shellings by the Russian occupation troops," the ATO HQ said.

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