"If the Crimea's annexation was successful from Putin’s perspective and everything was done quickly as Ukraine was clearly not ready for such a turn of events (it was busy with the Maidan at the time), an attempt to dismantle Ukraine and create 'Novorossia,' as Putin said, I believe it's very important to note that this was a dictator's statement, and it was disseminated. The map of 'Novorossia' was already drawn, and the fact that this plan for creating 'Novorossia' and actually liquidating the Ukrainian state has completely failed, means that only an insignificant part of the plan was implemented," Kasparov told Radio Liberty.

According to him, instead of 10 regions of Ukraine from Luhansk to Odesa, Putin was forced to confine himself to half of the two regions.

Read alsoRussian proxies attack Ukraine 22 times in last day"These bandit formations, enclaves, which are an ulcer on the political body of Ukraine, but at the same time quite a big political and material burden for Putin, because there is no chance of expanding these enclaves," he said.

"[In] the Minsk process, which Putin blackmails with the threat of a massive invasion of Ukraine, he managed to get from France and Germany the elaboration of the so-called 'road map,' which, in his opinion, should lead to the re-inclusion of these regions into Ukraine, but on his terms. This plan has also failed. That’s because it became obvious that the West, despite its unwillingness to get into a clash with Putin, did not dare to put pressure on Ukraine and demand the acceptance of conditions absolutely impossible for any Ukrainian politician,” said Kasparov.

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