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"We have seen more violence, less implementation of the Minsk agreements. After 3.5 years, we are sadly further away from resolution than ever. The end seems not in sight," he said.

Read alsoU.S. calls on Russia to exchange POWs, hostages before Christmas"The sides are not closer to opening additional entry/exit checkpoints to allow people more easily cross the contact line. They are not closer to resolving differences that have resulted in thousands of people without electricity, water and gas. They are not closer to ending this violence. They are, in fact, away and further away than ever," Hug told a briefing via Skype on December 15.

“It’s easy – especially on days when escalation occurs – to give up hope. But decisions made to improve lives, and follow-up action to ensure it, prove that not all hope is lost," Alexander Hug added. "Progress can be made. Bridges can be built. Peace can be restored.”

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