Photo from UNIAN

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken control over the village of Novo-oleksandrivka in Luhansk region, the settlement located in the so-called "grey zone". The advance saw no violations of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian military say.

"[The retaking of Novo-oleksandrivka] took place a few days ago. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal details of the operation," press secretary of the ATO Headquarters, Vasyl Labai, told UNIAN.

"We are strengthening or re-building our defensive positions, while separate units can improve tactical positions in certain areas, but it is not about violating the Minsk agreements," Labai said.

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According to the ATO HQ spokesman, the settlement of Novo-oleksandrivka had belonged to the Ukraine-controlled territory, according to the very Minsk agreements anyway.