Photo by Oleksandr Makhov

Ukraine Army truck carrying military servicemen blew up on an unidentified explosive device in the Donbas warzone.

Nine servicemen sustained combat wounds and injuries, the press service of the Joint Forces Operation reported in its evening update on Monday, March 1.

"As a result of the explosion of a military vehicle on an unidentified explosive device, one serviceman with the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered a combat wound, and another eight soldiers sustained combat injuries. The soldiers were rushed to a medical facility, where they are being provided proper medical care by military doctors," the press center informs.

It is also reported that since day-start on Monday, Russian armed groups have fired on Ukrainian military units three times.

Read alsoDonbas war update: Ukraine reports one KIA on Feb 28Outside the settlement of Vodiane in the Azov littoral, the invaders opened aimed fire using automatic easel grenade launchers, while near Pavlopil they engaged Ukraine positions with heavy anti-tank grenades.

Near Bohdanivka, the invaders targeted Ukrainian positions with automatic easel and hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers. Ukrainian troops have returned fire.

Aggravation in Donbas

On February 26, the invaders violated the ceasefire 14 times, resulting in seven Ukrainian soldiers suffering shrapnel wounds and three – sustaining combat injuries. Another soldier blew up on a landmine.

On Sunday, February 28, Russia-controlled forces in Donbas violated the ceasefire seven times. A Ukrainian soldier was killed as a result of the shelling.