The Russian-controlled occupation administration of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" in Donbas no longer allows teenagers to leave the area unless they present at the checkpoint a "passport."

Previous rules allowed crossing out if minors held a valid birth certificate and were accompanied by at least one of the parents.

The self-proclaimed "DPR lawmaker" Anastasia Selivanova has made the relevant statement on her Telegram channel.

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"Since last Friday, I've been receiving inquiries from parents of 14-year-old minors who are pulled from buses  right at checkpoints, not being allowed to cross the border of the 'DPR'".

According to Selivanova, this is due to the fact that from January 1, the decree of the occupation administration, which regulated border crossing by children, was terminated.

Read alsoUkraine envoy: Russian aggression took lives of over 240 Ukrainian childrenTherefore, minors aged 14 and older are now required to present "passports" upon crossing the "border" of the occupied areas.


The self-styled stateless in eastern Ukraine operating with Russia's support have not been recognized internationally, and neither have the documents issued by occupation authorities.