Enemy forces in the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are preparing for the aggravation of hostilities in the warzone.

That's according to the East Human Rights Group whose experts have for the past two weeks studied the situation in the said area.

Activists found that convoys with diesel fuel had been passing through the Dolzhansk and Malynivka checkpoints in the evening and night hours, which is one of the indicators suggesting logistical preparation for combat action.

A number of other facts also could testify to the plans of Russian-controlled forces.

Last Sunday, at one of the city markets Russian soldiers were stocking up on foodstuffs. Locals noted their new, freshly ironed uniforms, lack of insignia, and a peculiar accent not typical for Russian speakers in Ukraine.

Also, non-stop drills are being held at local training grounds.

The so-called "Union of Donbas Volunteers" organization has been lately recruiting men from Russia to the ranks of Kremlin's proxy forces to fight on the territory of Ukraine. Calls to boost draft efforts have been sent to all branches of the Organization.

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Along the Alchevsk-Stakhanov-Pervomaisk route, timber was delivered to strengthen fortified positions on the front line.

Twice in February 2021, in the night hours, military convoys were spotted crossing in from Russia through the Izvarino checkpoint.