Photos of the Izoliatsia (Isolation) secret prison in the occupied city of Donetsk have been posted on Telegram by an anonymous user.

"Now you see unique images: photos of the Izoliatsia premises, prisoners' cells (the first floor with bars) and an exercise yard surrounded by barbs, where we would be taken out in mornings for five to seven minutes. But the highlight is not even that. These photos are posted in the public domain on the Telegram channel, which promises to continue to post pictures of Izoliatsia, including data from the 'logbook of visits to detainees by the Special Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic ("DPR")'s Ministry of State Security," Ukrainian blogger and journalist, former prisoner of the said prison Stanyslav Aseyev wrote on Facebook.

Read alsoConcentration camp with sadists at helm: Ex-political prisoner Aseiev speaks about Donetsk prisonAmong other things, images show a torture desk in the basement. There's scotch tape and a "tapik" electrocution torture tool put on it.

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"It seems some from the [prison] administration who have some brains left have finally understood how this 'issue' will turn out for them in the near future – an international wanted list and a trial from our side – and in this case,  being given up on by 'brothers' from the FSB. So they decided to earn themselves an indulgence," Aseyev said.

On the channel, more photos were posted, as well as a logbook of visitors. In one of the photos, it could be seen the "DPR" forces parked a tank at the premises. The material released is called to be used to identify all those who had been held in the Izoliatsia prison as well as those involved in their illegal arrest and holding.

What is Izoliatsia

Izoliatsia is a notorious secret prison in the stronghold of Russia-controlled forces, Donetsk, run by the self-styled "DPR Ministry of State Security." It was created in June 2014 at the site of the Izoliatsia art fund seized by the Russian proxies.

Read alsoHead of Donetsk art hub Liubov Mikhailova: On Donbas issue, Ukraine seems to be walking the path of "let go and forgive", imposed by RussiaLittle is known about the prison. According to media reports, prisoners may be held there for years without trial. Torture is common against detainees.

Aseyev was released from captivity as part of a prisoner swap effort in December 2019.