The Joint Forces Operation Headquarters (JFO HQ) has disclosed the enemy death toll in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, for June.

"According to confirmed intelligence data, Russian occupying forces' casualties in June totaled: 42 killed and 58 wounded," the JFO HQ wrote on Facebook on July 1, 2020.

In addition, the Russian occupying forces lost five pieces of military equipment and weapons, namely a ZIL truck, a KamAZ truck, two mortars, and one tank.

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"The Joint Forces' command reiterates that when the enemy violates the ceasefire, our defenders always deliver a resilient and harsh response," the report says.

What is more, the intelligence often records cases of hazing and other violations of the army regulations by enemy troops, which lead to consequences, such as grave bodily injuries and stab wounds, drug overdose, drinking alcohol and injuries resulting from alcohol consumption, as well as maiming.

In addition, the intelligence recorded frequent cases of desertion, indicating enemy troops' low morale.

"The Joint Forces continue carrying out combat missions to protect the Ukrainian people. Our soldiers will continue to adequately respond to enemy armed provocations," the report said.