Putin on potential violators of Russia's "red lines": "They will regret this" / REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened countries that would try to cross Russia-drawn "red lines".

The issue was brought up during Putin's annual address to the Federation Assembly on April 21.

At the same time, he called the Kremlin's reaction "restrained" and "humble, without irony," and that Russia, he says, "is being picked at here and there, for no reason."

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Putin has claimed Russia is not seeking to burn the bridges, while threatening those who he alleges  to "bring them down" with an "asymmetrical and swift" response.  The Kremlin is capable, the Russian president specifies, to make any decision.

Read alsoMost Ukrainians positive Ukraine-Russia war ongoing in Donbas – poll"Orchestrators of any provocations threatening the fundamental interests of our security will regret what they've done in a way they have long not regretted. At the same time, and I'm forced to say this, we will have enough patience, responsibility, professionalism, self-confidence, self-righteousness and  common sense in making any decision," Putin said.

The Kremlin chief also spoke of the "red lines", which Russia will be drawing itself.

 "I hope though that no one will consider crossing Russia's so-called red line, and where it will be drawn, we will determine ourselves, in each particular case," he added.

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