Joint purchase of military equipment by the Visegrad Four group would be economically effective as it would reduce costs and raise the operational cooperation of the armies, Polish chief of staff Franciszek Gagor said Saturday, according to Xinhua.

    From the military viewpoint, they see this collaboration as useful, said Gagor after a meeting of chiefs of staff of the V4 and Ukraine. He assumed the presidency of the V4 military cooperation from Czech chief of staff General Vlastimil Picek.

    The V4 group was formed in 1991 in Visegrad, Hungary by Poland,Czechoslovakia and Hungary, with the aim to strengthen cooperation among member countries.

    Czechoslovakia was divided in December 1992 into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, both of which are now members of the Visegrad Group.

    Picek said the chiefs of staff had decided to continue with drawing up a catalogue of demands for the training of specialists as well as training and educational facilities.

    They will create an expert group that will visit the individual countries and examine the offered facilities, Picek said.

    V4 militaries will keep helping Ukraine with its NATO bid, he added.

    The Ukrainian defense minister and chief of staff have been attending V4 meetings for the past three years.