Putin says "not disappointed" in Trump, seeks compromise with U.S.

14:20, 07 March 2018

"I have no disappointment [in Trump] and there cannot be any. From a human standpoint, he made a very good impression on me. It seems to me that he is well-balanced, despite emphatic behavior, to which he has apparently gotten used to due to his previous life experience and type of activity. When we talked business, he was focused; he communicated with and listened to the interlocutor. He is negotiable. I see that certain compromises can be sought with him," Putin said.

Read also"Bizarre story" – U.S. State Dept on Belarusian escort claims about Russia's election meddling"I'm more disappointed in the system itself rather than in the partner. [However], there can be no disappointment, because [the system] demonstrates sheer inefficiency, while 'devouring' itself. And it is quite difficult to interact with such a system because it is unpredictable," Putin added.

He says that the U.S. sanctions policy is a sign of weakness and incompetence, rather than power. "They just put a bulk of people on that list, indiscriminately, calling them enemies. This is a sign of weakness, not strength, when they try to hit everyone with one shot. This is not how it works. This is a manifestation of incompetence," Putin said.

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