Russian leader Vladimir Putin during his next presidential term will test the role of a "Homeland defender" in a confrontation with the West, according to Chatham House fellow Lilia Shevtsova, who is a Russian political scientist, PhD in history.

Also, the president of Russia has at his disposal an option to "try on the role of an "anti-corruption fighter," she told Glavred.

"Now Putin will try on the role of "Homeland defender" in a confrontation with the West. So far, part of the population is ready to legitimize him in such role," Shevtsova said.

According to her, in the role of an "anti-graft fighter," the Russian leader might as well get rid of the "rotten elites, replacing them with the more loyal 'young wolves'."

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"But we must also take into account the fact that 70% of Russians want change. However, they perceive change in different ways. And most importantly, most want change on the top. So, the need for changes does exist," Shevtsova said.

"The problem is that this can happen only at the demand of the 'streets'. Will the people take to the streets and when will they? We can only guess… But such tragedies as the death of dozens of children in Kemerovo [as a result of a shopping mall fire] could light up the fuse..." believes the expert.