Photo from UNIAN

Turkish schools are introducing Ukrainian and Bulgarian language classes in their curriculum, according to a decree published in the Official Gazette on April 11.

The cabinet decree announced that the two languages will be taught as optional classes at formal and non-formal education institutions, Hurriyet Daily reports.

In Turkey, the English language is already compulsory for students aged between seven and 18, while students can also choose to learn German and French.

Read alsoRomania says language row no justification for blocking Ukraine-NATO dialogueMeanwhile, students aged 13-16 can learn languages spoken in Turkey and neighboring countries, including the Kurdish dialects Kurmanji and Sorani, Laz, Abkhazian and Georgian.

A total of 40 different languages - including Arabic, Georgian, Persian and Greek - are spoken in Turkey, according to data from the language research center SIL International.