EUCOM: No indication Russian air defense systems deployed during Syria mission

16:20, 16 April 2018
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"None of the combined aircraft or missiles involved in this mission were successfully engaged by Syrian air defenses and there is no indication Russian air defense systems were deployed," EUCOM said in a press release.

The combined force deployed 105 total weapons against three targets that will significantly impact the Syrian regime's ability to develop, deploy and use chemical weapons in the future. From the Red Sea, USS Monterey (Ticonderoga-class cruiser) launched 30 Tomahawk land attack missiles and USS Laboon (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer) launched seven Tomahawk land attack missiles; USS Higgins (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer) launched 23 Tomahawk land attack missiles from the North Arabian Gulf; USS John Warner (Virginia-class submarine) launched six Tomahawk land attack missiles and French Frigate Languedoc (Anti-submarine Warfare) launched three missiles (naval version of SCALP missile) from the eastern Mediterranean; two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers launched 19 Joint air-to-surface standoff missiles.

Read alsoWSJ: Trump bowed to Pentagon restraint on Syria strikesIn addition, Royal Air Force flew a combination of Tornado and Typhoon jets and launched eight Storm shadow missiles from the air.

French Air Force flew a combination of Rafales and Mirages and launched nine SCALP missiles.

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