United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said the organization cannot solve the problem in Syria and the Cold War is back.

"It's not the UN that will be able to solve the problem. You have in Syria now different armies, national armies, you have in Syria all kinds of militias, you have in Syria fighters from all over the world… It is obviously naive to think that the UN can magically solve that problem, especially when the Security Council is so divided as it is," he said in an interview with the Swedish SVT broadcaster.

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"I think we were now clearly noting that the Cold War is back. But there is a difference between the Cold War in the past and what we are witnessing now," he said.

"The United States and Russia do not control everybody like it was the case in the Cold War, where a number of the countries that are very active in the region: Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, others. And it is clear that there are not two homogeneous well-controlled blocks," Guterres added.

In addition, he said there were no mechanisms of control over the situation, which existed in the Cold War.