U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration has its "eyes wide open" on whether to trust North Korea in any negotiations to end the country's nuclear program.

Asked by ABC News, whether he can trust anything that comes out of a meeting with Kim Jong Un, Pompeo responded, “This administration has its eyes wide open. We know the history. We know the risks. ... We’re going to negotiate in a different way than has been done before."

"We’re not going to make promises," added Pompeo, who was sworn in as the top U.S. diplomat on Thursday. "We’re not going to take words. We’re going to look for actions and deeds.”

Read alsoPompeo: We had a lot of discussions about ways to push back against RussiaPompeo met with Kim over Easter weekend to lay the groundwork for U.S. President Donald Trump's planned summit with the North Korean leader, to be held in May or early June.

Asked whether he believes Kim is ready to give up "the pride of that country right now -- their nuclear program," Pompeo said the North Korean leader "has a decision to make."

"Kim Jong Un is going to have to make a decision," Pompeo said. "Does he want the pressure campaign [against his country] to continue? ... Or is he looking for something big and bold and different, something that hasn’t happened before?"

Read alsoPompeo: Many Allies hopeful Ukraine will take actions necessary to become aspirant to join NATO"I don't know which way it will go," the secretary of state continued. "As the president has said, only time will tell. But we have ... an obligation to engage in diplomatic discourse to try and find a peaceful solution so that Americans aren’t held at risk by Kim Jong Un and his nuclear arsenal."